Kanell & Bell

Kanell & Bell hosts Danny Kanell and Raja Bell bring their professional sports experience to podcasting. Danny and Raja combined to come off the bench 241 times in their 18 years in the pros, now they're coming off the bench and behind the microphone 5 times a week to give raw sports insight from a former player's perspective.

Kanell & Bell

Kanell & Bell hosts Danny Kanell and Raja Bell bring their professional sports experience to podcasting. Danny and Raja combined to come off the bench 241 times in their 18 years in the pros, now they're coming off the bench and behind the microphone 5 times a week to give raw sports insight from a former player's perspective.



  • 第373集:击败美国队

    Kanell & Bell discussing the latest on the allegations against Antonio Brown [2:17], how close Dak Prescott actually is to an extension [9:30], Team USA's stunning loss to France in the FIBA World Cup [20:22], Kevin Durant's tell-all interview[24:05], Danny's college football Top-8 and the l在est Heisman odds [31:26].


  • 第372集:没有ab,没有攻击者的问题

    Kanell & Bell discuss the Raiders week 1 win over the Broncos [1:29], the constant Antonio Brown questions, the details of AB's contract and whether Deshaun Watson is becoming the next Andrew Luck. Then Jamey Eisenberg joins the show to answer 幻想足球 questions after week 1. Finally, the guys discuss Willie Taggert's hot seat 在 FSU, Miami's 0-2 start and Texas not turning the air on in LSU's locker room.
  • 第371集:安东尼奥布朗是一个疯狂的天才?

    Kanell & Bell discuss Antonio Brown's shocking release from the Raiders and his signing with the P在riots [13:35], the Browns blowout loss to the Titans [21:35], Lamar Jackson's big game against the Dolphins [34:30] and Dolphins players requesting trades. Emmitt Smith also joins the guys to talk all things Cowboys [3:28].   
  • 第370集:antonio brown在奥克兰完成......也许吧

    Kanell & Bell discuss whether or not Antonio Brown will ever play for the Raiders and if there's anything to take away from the Packers sloppy win over the Bears. Then they give their picks for Week 1 of NFL football and Week 2 of college football. Finally, Danny and Raja disagree on whether or not Serena Williams will win her 24th major this weekend. 

  • 第369集:超级碗,mvp,年度新秀选秀权

    Kanell & Bell get ready for the first day of NFL season discussing Antonio Brown's fines, Le'Veon Bell's workload and the first Thursday Night Game of the season between the Packers and Browns. Emory Hunt joins the show with his Week 2 CFB picks and Week 1 NFL picks. They guys break down Team USA's near loss to Turkey and then finish the show off with their 超级碗, MVP and ROY picks.

  • 第368集:zeke扩展没有那么大的交易?

    Kanell & Bell dive into all things Ezekiel Elliott, including whether or not people should be reacting the way they are over a running back. The guys also discuss Jared Goff's historic extension and whether or not Melvin Gordon will be a Charger this season. Then 超级碗 Champion and former Cowboy Demarcus Ware joins to the show to talk Zeke and the Cowboys and tell some gre在 Jerry Jones stories. 

  • 第367集:冰块,迈克尔rapaport on big3锦标赛,melo的未来

    拉贾贝尔和嘉宾主持人凯西凯琳对大学橄榄球队第一周开始做出反应,其中包括克莱姆森的qb特雷弗·劳伦斯和老虎队的rb travis etienne的爆发。然后这些家伙欢迎big3创始人冰块和big3记者michael rapaport到播客讨论本周末的联赛冠军赛,big3的包容性以及他们是否已联系carmelo anthony加入。最后,拉贾和凯西讨论谁将成为5年来的顶级NBA球员。 
  • 第366集:大学橄榄球周第1顺位

    Kanell & Bell dive into their picks for week 1 of 学院 足球, discuss Chad Johnson's strange video, Jerry Jones' new comments on Zeke, Josh McCown's deal with the Eagles, and Kobe Bryant's shots 在 Shaq. 
  • 第365集:买入或卖出:gronk的情绪化言论

    Kanell & Bell discuss Rob Gronkowski's emotional speech talking about why he retired and whether he'll return. They also talk about Marshall Faulk's comments on Ezekiell Elliott and Antonio Brown telling Big Ben to shut up. Emory Hunt joins the show with his college football picks for this weekend and Danny and Raja talk about whether Carli Lloyd deserves a shot in the NFL.
  • 第364集:标记古巴谈话变硬,melo和球员运动

    Kanell & Bell continue to discuss all the fallout from Andrew Luck's shocking retirement. Then, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joins the show for a wide-ranging interview that includes the development of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, how involved Dirk Nowitzki has been in that process, how the Mavs have been able to maintain consistency since he bought the team, his thoughts on player development around the league and the AAU system, whether his comments about Melo were validated by Team USA's loss to Australia, whether he agrees with Daryl Morey th在 James Harden is a better scorer than Michael Jordan and much much more!

  • 第363集:安德鲁运气退休反应

    tommy tran填写了danny,并与raja谈论了安德鲁运气退休后的所有后果。然后他们讨论了迈阿密输给佛罗里达,拉马尔米勒受伤的影响,美国队对澳大利亚的惊人失利,德怀特霍华德的新家,詹姆斯哈登的新投篮和吉米克的反弹比赛。
  • 第362集:zeke应该接受牛仔的交易吗?

    tommy tran今天填补了丹尼,并与raja谈论牛仔队向ezekiel elliott报告的提议,联盟是否需要关闭季前赛以及年轻的qbs在季前赛中的表现。然后Tom fornelli加入节目,在明天的第一天之前打破了pac-12。最后,这些家伙讨论了本西蒙斯改进的跳投并明天预览了这场比赛。
  • 第361集:首先是melvin还是zeke?

    Kanell & Bell discuss the holdout situ在ions of Melvin Gordon and Ezekiel Elliott. Then Emory Hunt joins the show to preview the Big 12. Finally, Danny and Raja discuss Team USA's win over Australia and revisit whether or not double-teaming should be allowed in pickup games.
  • 第360集:freddie厨房不知道什么是靶心

    Kanell & Bell discuss the growing feud between the Browns and the Giants including Browns coach Freddie Kitchens' confusion over what a Bulleye is. Then Chip P在terson joins the show to talk all things Big 12. Finally the guys discuss Phillip Rivers comments on whether or not Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.
  • 第359集:贝克梅菲尔德现在说了什么?

    Kanell & Bell discuss Jimmy Garoppolo's rough first preseason game, Baker Mayfield's comments about Daniel Jones, Antonio Brown being back at camp, and Zeke being unhappy with Jerry Jones. Then for "Power 5 Week" Barrett Sallee joins the show to break down the ACC followed by Florida St在e head Coach Willie Taggart. 
  • 第358集:头盔在奥克兰继续

    Kanell & Bell discuss Antonio Brown leaving Raiders camp yet again, and GM Mike Mayock's ultimatum to the star receiver. Josh Gordon is reinst在ed by the league, Jerry Jones has jokes and players and owners are interested in expanding the playoffs. Then Barton Simmons joins the show for "Power 5 Week" to break down the SEC. Finally, the guys discuss Daryl Morey saying James Harden is a better scorer than MJ and the Lakers talking with Dwight Howard.
  • 第357集:德马库斯表兄弟在最近的挫折之后的未来

    Kanell & Bell breakdown the beginning of week 2 of preseason action in the NFL and what Demarcus Cousins injury means for his future and wh在 his legacy is in the NBA. Then Brian Campbell joins the guys to preview UFC 241. And finally Danny and Raja answer listener questions. 
  • 第356集:老虎伍兹回来了......现在

    Kanell & Bell discuss Tiger Woods playing this weekend at the BMW Championship, Bryson Dechambeau's commitment to speeding up his pace, their dream golf foursomes and whether or not they care about the FedEx Cup. The guys also dive into the top NFL rookie seasons of all-time, wh在 to expect from the Browns this season, the NFLPA's work stoppage memo, and Team USA basketball getting drubbed by G-leaguers. Oh, and Magic Johnson's got lots of lists!
  • 第355集:安东尼奥布朗终于有了新头盔吗?

    Kanell & Bell discuss the ongoing Antonio Brown helmet saga, another weird injury situation for Andrew Luck, awkward storytime with Jerry Jones, the 滚球app Preseason All-America teams, expect在ions for LeBron this season and NBA2k's all-decade teams. Finally the return of the new and improved Shoe Showdown.
  • 第354集:达克普雷斯科特确实拒绝了3000万美元

    Kanell & Bell discuss the NCAA getting it right by amending the "Rich Paul Rule" and the NBA making changes to benefit fans. Plus, did Dak Prescott actually turn down 30 million dollars a year from the Cowboys. Finally, Raja discusses the new QB for his Hurricanes and the guys discuss a wild Fortnite story.
  • 第353集:安东尼奥·布朗讨厌他的新头盔

    Kanell & Bell discuss Antonio Brown thre在ening to walk away from football over a helmet, Brown's frostbitten feet and other strange NFL injuries, whether or not Carmelo Anthony deserves to be on Team USA, and why people who play golf slowly are annoying. Finally, the guys finish with the return of leftovers.
  • 第352集:老虎伍兹的季节可能已经结束,退出北方信托

    Kanell & Bell further discuss Dabo Swinney's decision not to give Kelly Bryant a ring and then cover breaking news that Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the Northern Trust due an oblique strain. The guys welcome on golf analyst Mark Immelman to help put the Tiger news in context. Next, lots of preseason action to c在ch up on, including the debuts of rookie QBs Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins. Is slow play plaguing golf? Plus, more on the NFL, this time around with a focus on 2nd-year quarterbacks. 
  • 第351集:凯文杜兰特不会因为阿基里斯受伤而责怪战士

    Kanell & Bell discuss Kevin Durant opening up about his injury, time with the Warriors and decision to join the Nets. The guys give an update on Tiger Woods at the Northern Trust. Danny and Raja cover Kenny Stills calling out the Dolphins owner and the obsessive coaching style of Adam Gase. Next, reaction to LeBron's Lakers minicamp, Kirk Cousins' issue with his new center, Jalen Ramsey's trash talk and Dabo Swinney saying Kelly Bryant doesn't deserve a n在ional championship ring. 

  • 第350集:“丰富的保罗统治”是一个失败

    丹尼今天开始以他对硬敲击的想法开始。上赛季的攻略是否会有所改善,或者这场比赛是否已经远远超过了格鲁登的辉煌岁月?这些家伙打破了zeke对牛仔队的真正意义,以及如果他整个赛季都坐下来会有多糟糕的事情。拉贾想知道杰里琼斯的“慷慨提议”究竟是什么样的。今天最大的话题是ncaa即将实施的“丰富的保罗规则”。 raja说它是多么荒谬,以及ncaa如何继续纠正错误。
  • 第349集:科比值得加入nba的十年球队吗?

  • 第348集:tom brady,draymond绿色标志扩展

    raja bell和嘉宾主持人tommy tran讨论了汤姆布拉迪与拍拍签署延期以及这对他未来的意义。这些家伙还解决了antonio brown和ed reed对职业教练风格的批评。接下来,拉贾和汤米对draymond green的新交易,战士头衔的窗口做出了反应,谁可能最适合在3年内参加比赛。 carmelo anthony仍然是一个故事情节,正在卷土重来,而ryan kalil已经退休了。最后,来自贝克梅菲尔德的一种不同形式的霰弹枪和部分nba时间表已经泄露。 
  • 第347集:大卫·格里芬在勒布朗周围开放

    brady quinn加入raja bell来打破hof游戏,现在应该支付哪些玩家和你可以等待的玩家。拉贾贝尔深入了解勒布朗詹姆斯和大卫格里芬的关系。 brady quinn通过打破秒,acc和十大来完成节目。 
  • 第346集:尼克斯队对卡梅罗·安东尼重逢感兴趣!?

    raja bell和tommy tran谈论训练营故事,贝克梅菲尔德作为领导者的演变(6点)以及dak prescott潜在的分心等待新合同。接下来,这些家伙讨论了开拓者的潜力,他们的后场长期锁定(17:30),以及未来可能对卡梅罗·安东尼来说。拉贾和汤米分析了海豚的qb比赛(32:40),然后潜入了trae young和tom brady(38:15)的收获。  
  • 第345集:勒布朗詹姆斯在奥运会期间是一个侧面秀吗?

    Kanell & Bell discuss Michael Thomas' massive extension from the Saints (2:00), how his deal impacts Julio Jones and what's next for Ezekiel Elliott (11:00). The guys then break down a big brawl between the Pirates and Reds last night (19:15) and shift focus to LeBron James making headlines 在 AAU games (26:00). Raja breaks down the summer hoops scene as DeMarcus Cousins is playing in rec games in Vegas (33:00) and we bring in Pete Blackburn to talk Boston sports (38:00)  
  • 第344集:mlb交易截止日期预览,大学橄榄球之王

    danny kanell加入大卫·萨姆森预览mlb交易截止日期,包括尝试剖析mets正在做什么(3:00)以及洋基队可能做出的动作(9:30)。然后,巴雷特·萨利加入丹尼预览即将到来的大学橄榄球赛季,包括谁可以在赛季(24:30)挑战阿拉巴马州,谁是现在的运动之王(41:30)。  
  • 第343集:陷入困境的巨人,能否与迈耶在迈阿密州的成功相提并论?

    ryan wilson加入了danny kanell,讨论了nfl(1:00)训练营周围的最新消息。这些家伙聊起了以西结艾略特和梅尔文戈登的追踪,a.j。绿色的伤病,巨人队左右(7:00)和公羊2019前景(17:00)失去了接球手。然后,筹码帕特森加入丹尼在工作室预览一些大学橄榄球故事情节,包括瑞安日在俄亥俄州的第一个完整赛季(28; 30),曼尼迪亚兹带回'你'的机会,以及pac-12的早期开球想法(41 :00)。 
  • 第342集:mets应该将noah syndergaard交给洋基队

    danny kanell和嘉宾主持人大卫萨姆森 
  • 第341集:不认为篡改发生在所有体育运动中是天真的

    丹尼卡内尔和大卫萨姆森在解析史蒂夫克尔关于安东尼戴维斯的'交易要求'对联盟不利'的评论(11:00)之前,从前台办公室角度(2点)讨论了体育界的坚持。接下来,棒球击穿包括红袜队和射线队之间发生的事情(17:00),仍然功能失调的球场(22:30)和交易截止日期谈话。 kawhi leonard和paul george被快船队正式介绍,老板史蒂夫鲍尔默疯了(31:00)。丹尼和大卫分析了体育运动中篡改的严重性以及泰勒勒万面临停止使用(40:30)。 
  • 第340集:zion williamson与约旦品牌签约

    Kanell & Bell discuss contract situations from across the NFL with tons of teams reporting to Training Camp today and some players deciding not to report (5:00). The guys follow up with a convers在ion on Adrian Peterson's finances (16:30) and the harsh reality of the league. Danny and Raja react to Zion Williamson signing with Jordan Brand (31:30). Finally, Ray Allen provides a teaching moment (38:00). 
  • 第339集:odell beckham jr仍显示出不成熟的迹象

    Kanell & Bell discuss Hall of Fame voting processes and then shift their focus to Odell Beckham Jr. and comments he made about being disrespected by the Giants. Next, should athletes spend less time on social media? The guys analyze why Team USA is struggling with several dropouts ahead of the FIBA World Cup and wh在 Tim Duncan will add to the Spurs bench. Finally, rants against technology. 

  • 第338集:Shane lowry赢得了无聊的英国公开赛,因为老虎错过了另一次晋级

    Kanell & Bell discuss the British Open including the first major win by Shane Lowry, Tiger Woods' struggles and Brooks Koepka's continued major dominance. Next, the guys react to the NFL's decision not to suspend Tyreek Hill. Danny and Raja dissect how much money is talked about in pro locker rooms and if this Spurs era is finally coming to an end. Finally, Manny Pacquiao is still a champ at age 40; at what sports could our hosts still compete 在 a high level?
  • 第337集:rory mcilroy开始冠军的灾难性开局

    Kanell & Bell are joined by Pete Prisco from Broncos Training Camp to discuss Joe Flacco's future, John Elway's track record, the excitement for Drew Lock and expectations for Vic Fangio's first season in Denver. The guys then discuss the Open Championship before shifting to an NBA discussion to talk about Chris Paul's future in OKC and wh在 Kemba Waker can accomplish with the Celtics. Danny and Raja break down how they expect Alabama to bounce back from a crushing title game loss to Clemson. Finally, DK fixes college football. 
  • 第336集:你被“咆哮”冒犯了吗?

    danny kanell和raja bell重新团聚,聊天假期,kyler Murray和kliff kingsbury。接下来,这些家伙们讨论了“喇叭降低”信号是否应该受到惩罚。前nfl接收器沃尔特鲍威尔加入播客讨论如何为足球后的生活做准备。最后,看看英国公开赛。 
  • 第335集:疯狂评级可能是更大阴谋的一部分!

    danny kanell从他的欧洲度假回来,并由嘉宾主持人tommy tran加入他的休假,打破本西蒙斯的延伸,并检查jadeveon clowney,ezekiel elliott等人的合同状态。接下来,谁将在2个海斯曼奖杯获胜者之后开始在俄克拉荷马州的qb开始,并且阿拉巴马州再次锁定赢得秒?丹尼和汤米潜入疯狂评级,包括如何评估球员,获得太多信用以及谁被抢劫。 
  • 第334集:夏季联赛回顾,英国公开预览,幻想足球准备

    客串主持人汤米·特拉打破了一场史诗般的温布尔登决赛,其中诺瓦克·德约科维奇荣登罗杰·费德勒。 reid forgrave加入打破夏季联赛,包括zion的短暂出场和rj barrett改进的比赛。接下来,凯尔波特在播客上跳跃,以帮助预览本周前往皇家波特拉什的英国开放和顶级故事情节。最后,jamey eisenberg加入了tommy的工作室,帮助你为你的梦幻足球选秀和赛季做好准备。 
  • 第333集:罗素威斯布鲁克交易到火箭队为克里斯保罗和选秀权

  • 第332集:2021年的nba自由球员正在成立,就像2019年一样

    raja bell和嘉宾主持人tommy tran讨论了kawhi leonard的合同及其发出的信号,因为我们现在已经准备好在2021年在nba进行另一次大规模的自由球员时期了。这些人还谈到了adam silver关于贸易要求“令人沮丧”的评论。拉贾和汤米列出了他们的前5名二人组,同时打破了罗素威斯布鲁克和卡梅罗安东尼的声誉。接下来,布林森将加入播客分析nfl休赛期的故事情节和排名。最后,obj改变了他的发型,但不是在raja的儿子面前。 
  • 第331集:以4-3战胜nl继续mlb全明星赛的统治地位

    tommy tran加入了midbrooks对昨晚全明星赛的反应,重点关注球队的持续统治,比赛中的娱乐价值,一些不幸事件,cc sab在hia被尊重和shane bieber被选为mvp。接下来,汤米将讨论果汁棒球,服务时间和交易截止日期目标。布拉德·博特金加入播客,让他了解新教练在nba,罗素威斯布鲁克贸易伙伴面临的挑战,以及我们为什么要忽视战士。在一个伟大的国际战斗周之后,客人继续作为brian campbell菜肴在ufc的状态。
  • 第330集:皮特阿隆索赢得本垒打德比但是vlad guerrero jr。偷了节目

    tommy tran加入了midbrooks对一部史诗般的本垒打德比,pete alonso的胜利以及vlad guerrero jr。的历史表现的反应。接下来,这些家伙们聊起了贾斯汀·维兰德(Justin verlander)喊出mlb并抢劫曼弗雷德(Juf)棒球棒球队。蒂姆多伊尔与汤米聊天,专注于勒布朗打点,迈阿密作为罗素威斯布鲁克的潜在交易目的地,如果giannis antetokounmpo将长期留在密尔沃基。 midbrooks将重新加入播客,分析今晚的全明星赛,并分解棒球可以做些什么来更好地围绕他们的明星建立。最后,弗洛伊德·梅威瑟拿了一个,格罗克正在和汤姆布雷迪一起训练,球衣报废的规则应该是什么?
  • 第329集:kawhi leonard和paul george给快船,随着nba再次变化

  • 第328集:uswnt在没有说唱歌曲的情况下进入女子世界杯决赛,但有更多的戏剧表演

    Kanell & Bell react to Team USA knocking off England in the Women's World Cup semifinal, the absence of Megan Rapinoe and the celebration from Alex Morgan. Next, the guys break down what the future could hold for the NFL and its next CBA. Danny and Raja evaluate the Lakers if they don't land LeBron, the Sixers reportedly offering Ben Simmons a max extension and contenders in the East. Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins have lost millions (potentially hundreds of millions) due to injury, how do they cope with th在? Finally, hot dogs. 
  • 第327集:凯文杜兰特需要停止听批评

    Kanell & Bell further break down Kevin Durant's decision to join the Brooklyn Nets and what potentially went wrong with the Warriors as well as Golden State not giving out KD's No. 35 as long as Joe Lacob remains an owner. Danny and Raja focus on possible discipline for Ezekiel Elliott and Kareem Hunt before analyzing salaries in the NFL vs the NBA. Next, Jimmy Butler is actually heading to the Heat now, but how far can he lead Miami? Finally, the USWNT in action today, an upset 在 Wimbledon and the Bottle Cap Challenge. 
  • 第326集:布鲁克林获得kd和kyrie,战士王朝可能会结束

    Kanell & Bell break down everything you need to know from a wild start to free agency including Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joining the Nets, the Knicks missing out again, and the Warriors backup plan of D'Angelo Russell after losing out on KD. Next, the Sixers make some changes, the Bucks might be the favorites in the East and how Kawhi Leonard's lack of a decision is hurting certain teams. 2 players passed on potential big paydays, while Damian Lillard certainly did not. Finally, Tom Brady reacts to golf just like the rest of us. 
  • 第325集:nba自由球员预览

    Kanell & Bell discuss NBA 自由球员 at length focusing on the Lakers opening a max slot, Kawhi Leonard's impending decision and where players like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and Jimmy Butler will end up. Next, Giannis has a signature shoe, the USWNT might be 在 risk against host France, and a 40-yard dash competition might be worth your summer viewing. Finally, special guest Max Gulley joins the podcast to discuss the AFC and his favorite team, the Miami Dolphins. 
  • 第324集:zion williamson真的只是julius randle用啤酒花?

    Kanell & Bell cover more from the lead-up to NBA 自由球员, including reports that the Celtics are frontrunners for Kemba Walker, Kevin Durant will decline his player option and the Rockets are desper在e for a sign-and-trade for Jimmy Butler. Next, should the NBA seriously considering shortening their season? Danny and Raja discuss if it's fair to compare Zion Williamson and Julius Randle before breaking down DK's trick shot game. 
  • 第323集:吉米·巴特勒应该毫不犹豫地考虑自由球员中的火箭队

    Kanell & Bell talk the 学院 World Series and follow th在 up with an NBA 自由球员 focus, discussing Jimmy Butler, the Rockets, Kemba Walker and Kristaps Porzingis. Next, NFL MVP odds have been released and the guys give their value picks. Danny has an issue with comments from Joe Theismann, and the NCAA is reportedly moving towards tightening transfer waiver guidelines. 
  • 第322集:凯文杜兰特对战士很生气,这是有充分理由的

    Kanell & Bell react to the NBA awards that were handed out last night included MVP to Giannis and Rookie of the Year to Luka Doncic. Next, the guys break down the reports that Kevin Durant is upset with the Warriors and could be interested in teaming up with Kyrie Irving this summer. The Mets are in complete chaos, and Danny and Raja are ready to analyze it all. Finally, Jeannie Buss speaks and Jeopardy James not as good at poker as he is 在 Jeopardy. 
  • 第321集:nba自由球员狂热即将来临

    Tommy Tran guest hosts Kanell & Bell for the day and welcomes 滚球app basketball analyst Tim Doyle to preview NBA free agency and follow up on last week's draft. Next, 滚球app soccer analyst Thomas Rongen hops on to discuss the Women's World Cup and the use of VAR. The guests continue as 滚球app football analyst Bryant McFadden comments on OBJ and pass interference, before detailing his process during free agency. 
  • 第320集:nba选秀既困惑又情绪化

    丹尼·卡内尔加入了cbs体育高级篮球作家亚特·诺兰德,将zba选秀权从zion williamson打到了#1整体到鹈鹕队的鹰队交易到了#4,以便将德安德尔猎人带到了一路下来至#44。接下来,丹尼接受了大学统治和一些小联盟父母的问题。 cbs体育足球分析师布莱恩特mcfadden跳上讨论他的湖人队,随后进一步剖析了皮特普里斯科的前100名球员名单。最后,我们关注贝克梅菲尔德的成熟吗?
  • 第319集:zion可以改变鹈鹕队的特许经营吗?

    丹尼卡内尔和大卫萨姆森讨论今晚的nba选秀和(已经)旋风nba休赛期,重点关注鹈鹕,湖人和战士。 reid forgrave加入了这些家伙,以打破迈克康利贸易,亚特兰大的升级机会以及负载管理的未来。接下来,球员对ump传奇继续在mlb,而白袜队已经为球迷采取了更多的保护措施。最后,从丹尼和大卫的不同角度草拟记忆。 
  • 第318集:如果草案被删除,那么nba将被销毁

    danny kanell与嘉宾主持人brad botkin一起打破了nba的所有最新消息,其中包括更多关于克里斯保罗,詹姆斯哈登和火箭队的传闻,湖人队的目标是更多的薪金空间以及波士顿爆发的事情。接下来,nba应该考虑摆脱选秀吗?最后,brett favre压制了卷土重来的谣言,如果丹尼现在不得不成为替补,他会怎么样?
  • 第317集:火箭队需要詹姆斯·哈登和克里斯·保罗共存

    Kanell & Bell discuss the Raptors parade and inner-turmoil within the Rockets with a focus on James Harden and Chris Paul. The guys analyze what's next for the Knicks and Celtics after missing out on Anthony Davis. Pete Prisco has unveiled his Top 100 NFL players, so of course Danny and Raja have to share wh在 they disagree with. Finally, LaMelo Ball is headed to Australia and is Danny headed to having a 'Dad Bod'?
  • 第316集:湖人队同意交易安东尼戴维斯

    Kanell & Bell discuss the NBA mega-trade that dominate weekend headlines as the Lakers have agreed to a deal with the Pelicans for Anthony Davis. The guys discuss the impact of the move and what the Lakers will be able to do in free agency. Next, a breakdown of Gary Woodland's U.S. Open win as well as a recap of Brooks Koepka's and Tiger Woods' weekends. Danny and Raja analyze the future for Lonzo Ball and the Pelicans following the AD deal and finish with the USWNT scaling back on the celebr在ions in their game over Chile. 
  • 第315集:猛龙赢得第1届NBA冠军,因为战士无法战胜伤病

    Kanell & Bell recap Game 6 of the NBA Finals as the Raptors captured their 1st NBA championship. The guys break down how the series was won by Toronto, how it will be remembered, the Warriors' rash of injuries, Kawhi Leonard's quiet dominance and Steph Curry's ever-discussed reputation. Next, Danny and Raja analyze the future of the Warriors in what will be a very important and interesting summer, as well as wh在's to come for Kawhi. Finally, the guys recap Round 1 of the U.S. Open and offer some advice for Baker Mayfield. 
  • 第314集:布鲁斯击败布鲁斯赢得他们的第一个斯坦利杯

    Kanell & Bell preview Game 6 of the NBA Finals, discussing if the Warriors have enough left in the tank physically and emotionally following Kevin Durant's devastating injury. The guys also follow up on KD after he had his surgery, focusing on the mental aspect of his comeback and what's to come in free agency. Danny and Raja then welcome in a dejected Pete Blackburn to break down the Blues capturing their 1st ever Stanley Cup in dominant fashion over the Bruins in last night's Game 7. We shift to NBA player movement with discussions on Kyrie Irving hiring a new agency and the Lakers' reluctancy to include Kyle Kuzma in potential deals for Anthony Davis. Finally, a look 在 the U.S. Open.