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  • 11/02: Mailbag! (Recorded Fri.) (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    我们已经得到了最新的消息伤害,因为我们谈论没有T.Y.马队WRS希尔顿,对于jaylen萨穆埃尔和更多的期待。那么我们回答您的苹果的播客问题(9:15),你的幻想监管纠纷(22:40),您的添加/删除/贸易问题(29:30)和您的启动或坐的问题(40:30)在 fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

Episodes of This Show

  • 11/01: Start or Sit (NFC); Garoppolo! Drake! Coleman :( (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Recapping SF-ARI which featured a number of surprising performances. Is Jimmy Garoppolo ready to take off now that Emmanuel Sanders is his teammate? Did Kenyan Drake just make David Johnson less valuable? Drop or hold Christian Kirk? ... News and notes (16:16) as we update you on who is trending in the right direction and if you should add Josh Gordon. Then we've got "Stats to Know" (21:30) for today's games including why Mike Williams could be in for a big game soon, what really determines Russell Wilson's Fantasy production and why Jordan Howard is more valuable than you may realize. Plus Beat the Waiver Wire (28:30)! Pick up the Colts DST, immediately ... GB-LAC (31:00), MIN-KC (42:10), DAL-NYG (48:55), CHI-PHI (53:48), TB-SEA (1:03:00), TEN-CAR (1:06:00) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/31: Start or Sit (AFC); Halloween-Themed Awards (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    After some quick add/drop and Kicker advice we give our Halloween-themed Midseason Awards (6:40)! The Peanut Butter Cup Award for our Fantasy MVP, the Freddy Krueger Award and more ... Our Tullamore Dew Players of the Week (12:30) are some RBs who you may not typically start but could have big games this week. Then we've got some Stats to Know (16:55) and Sixty-Second Rankings Disputes (25:10) for a couple of Colts, Mark Walton and a DST. Plus news and notes (30:30) and "Start, Sit or Flex at Best" (35:50) for the games we cover more thoroughly later in the show ... NE-BAL (39:40), HOU-JAC (48:00), IND-PIT (56:15), DET-OAK (1:02:40), CLE-DEN (1:08:00), WAS-BUF (1:11:00), NYJ-MIA (1:13:30) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/30: Trade Talk, Good/Bad Schedules, SF-ARI and More! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Buy Low (3:00) and Sell High (11:15) to kick off the show. We debate the merits of buying low on Terry McLaurin, Christian Kirk and more. Should you sell high on Aaron Jones or just hang on to him? Are the Jets ready to turn things around offensively? ... News and notes (22:00). What does Andy Dalton's benching mean for the rest of the Bengals? Then we talk about schedules (32:30) as we give you some good ones and some bad ones going forward. We love Josh Jacobs' schedule, but how much do Odell Beckham's difficult matchups matter? ... Previewing SF-ARI (38:40) with a lot of RB talk, and then we answer some quick, straightforward Fantasy questions from Twitter (44:55) and your Apple Podcasts trades (54:25) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/29: Waiver Wire - Great Week for Waivers! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    We've got several attractive options on waivers this week and we start the show with our top overall priorities (2:30) as Jaylen Samuels and Mark Walton will headline the list. How much FAAB are we spending here? What's the outlook for James Conner? We also have a number of players with great matchups (8:15) including Gardner Minshew and Jamison Crowder ... We touch on the big news with our thoughts on the Kenyan Drake trade and what it means for everyone in ARI (11:15), Ken Whisenhunt's firing (18:50) and more from around the NFL. Then it's time for our top priorities at QB (24:40) including Minshew and Derek Carr, RB (27:05) including Samuels and Derrius Guice, WRs (29:50) including DeVante Parker and Chris Conley, TE (35:15) including Darren Fells and Jonnu Smith, DST (37:15), Kicker (39:40) and IDP (41:00) ... Quick thoughts on GB-KC (43:30) and MIA-PIT (45:15). How reliable will Jamaal Williams be going forward? Then we take a longer look at the Waiver Wire (46:50) with adds and drops at each position ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/28: Injuries, Drake, Flacco and More (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Dr. David Chao makes his weekly appearance to give us a projected David Johnson timeline, talk about Matt Breida's ability to bounce back quickly, educate us on Deshaun Watson's eye and more! Then we bring on Will Brinson and Chris Towers to give the Fantasy angle of the Kenyan Drake trade (10:50), talk about Cam Newton's potential (19:00), Le'Veon Bell's outlook (24:00), what Joe Flacco's injury means for Courtland Sutton (30:00) and what to expect from Carson Wentz (34:10).

  • 10/27: Week 8 Recap - Fantasy Points Galore! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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  • 10/26: Mailbag! (Recorded Fri.) (Fantasy Football Podcast)


  • 10/25: Start or Sit (NFC); Beat the Waiver Wire; WAS-MIN (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Recapping WAS-MIN and wondering if this is the end of Terry McLaurin as a Fantasy starter and if you should sell high on Stefon Diggs ... Stats to know for Week 8 (9:45) as we look at D.K. Metcalf in the Red Zone and how dominant SF's defense has been. We'll update you on your news and notes (20:00) and play Beat the Waiver Wire (26:55) and "Start, Sit, or Flex at Best?" (30:00) with Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, Tevin Coleman, D.J. Moore and a few others ... NYG-DET (33:33), ARI-NO (43:45), CIN-LAR (52:50), LAC-CHI (57:15), CAR-SF (1:03:00), SEA-ATL (1:07:35) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/24: Start or Sit (AFC); Buy Low/Sell High (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Can we trust Odell Beckham @NE this week? The listeners say no (2:15)! Do Dave/Jamey/Heath agree? We talk Beckham and give you some quick Buy Low/Sell High guys to start the show (6:00) before taking a look at the big news (10:30) as Patrick Mahomes is making progress, Josh Gordon is on IR and more ... Players who could surprise us this week (16:00) and Sixty Second Rankings disputes (20:30)! Heath is on an island this week with T.Y. Hilton, Tyreek Hill, Jameis and Minshew. And we play "Start, Sit or Flex at Best" for Juju Smith-Schuster, Alshon Jeffery and a few more (29:25) ... GB-KC (30:45), TB-TEN (37:50), A quick update on Josh Gordon and whether he is droppable (46:00), DEN-IND (46:50), CLE-NE (52:30), NYJ-JAC (57:30), PHI-BUF (1:02:20), OAK-HOU (1:04:45), MIA-PIT (1:09:15) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

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    Let's review the big news (3:25) with fresh takes on the Lions backfield, the Emmanuel Sanders trade and if Chase Edmonds can be trusted in a series of brutal matchups assuming David Johnson is out ... Mid-season mock draft (11:00)! We reveal some of the results (which you can see on cbssports.com/fantasy) and within this we talk about Buy Low/Sell High candidates. Are Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins ready to produce like first round picks? What about James Conner? We debate Aaron Jones' rest of season value as we discuss the Round 2 RBs (23:50) and talk trade including our takes on the Rams WRs ... Previewing WAS-MIN (42:15) and wondering if Terry McLaurin is OK to start and if Kirk Cousins will throw enough to be a Top 12 QB. Then we're doing some Fantasy Regulatin' (52:00), answering your Apple Podcasts questions (55:00) and telling you which players have the best Fantasy playoff matchups (58:30) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/22:奖金:kerryon生出来!埃马纽埃尔·桑德斯交易! (梦幻足球播客)

    Reacting to the breaking news as Kerryon Johnson is on IR and the 49ers acquired Emmanuel Sanders. How much more excited are we to add Ty Johnson? Will he catch passes? Will he keep the job? Will he be on your team in two weeks? And how does this affect the Lions passing game? Meanwhile, with Sanders going to SF (8:00) what are we thinking for Sanders and Garoppolo now? How about Courtland Sutton? And is DaeSean Hamilton a must-add? 

  • 10/22: Waiver Wire; Sanu Trade (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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  • 10/21: Injury Updates and TE Talk (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Dr. David Chao is back with some QB injury outlooks. How likely to suit up are Matt Ryan and Drew Brees this week? We also ask Dr. Chao about Kerryon Johnson, Davante Adams and more injured players. Dr. Chao also talks a bit about his background and his time with the Chargers. Then we're joined by Will Brinson and Chris Towers to talk about five big topics. The first three are about TEs as we tell you why Zach Ertz's production shouldn't be that surprising to Fantasy owners (15:00), what's up with Evan Engram (23:00), how we feel about the TE position in general (27:10), plus what Kareem Hunt's return means for Nick Chubb (35:00) and who could be traded ahead of the trade deadline (40:00).

  • 10/20: Weekend Recap - Rodgers, Marvin, Murray and More (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    我们开始7周(2:40)的最佳奇幻的表演!亚伦罗杰斯,拉塔维斯·默里,追逐埃德蒙兹,马文·琼斯和更多!什么是赛季前景的休息吗?那么我们触及充电器回填(13:40),不知是否梅尔文·戈登摸索了他的幻想...的相关性的大新闻,提前感受放弃线(18:15)。谁可以接替底特律RB职责是什么?然后我们有赢家(24:00),如杰拉德埃弗雷特和德德威斯布鲁克和失败者(29:15)像乔米克森和韦德。再加上更多的新闻和在每个位置(37:44)......每场比赛(42:00)与希思的评论中前5名“信不信由你”。亚当是在想,迈克尔·托马斯可能不是季节的#1 WR其余的岛屿。我们该如何看待马克英格拉姆?科里·戴维斯?公羊WRS?约什 - 雅各布?柯克表兄弟? ...给我们发电子邮件fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/19: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.) (Fantasy Football Podcast)


  • 10/18: Patrick Mahomes Reaction; Start or Sit (NFC) (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    The last time KC was quarterbacked by someone other than Patrick Mahomes, they were sixth in scoring and had three elite Fantasy options on offense. Will that be the case this time around? Is Travis Kelce still a top TE? Would we prefer Tyreek Hill or Courtland Sutton? We discuss the Chiefs and last night's game to start the show and we give you some QBs you can add right now for the upcoming weeks (13:00) ... Stats to know for today's games (17:22) with some Kenny Golladay, Jimmy Garoppolo and Jared Goff talk. And we've got news and notes (26:55), Beat the Waiver Wire (31:00) and "Start, Sit or Flex at Best" (35:50) ... LAR-ATL (38:00), MIN-DET (45:05), PHI-DAL (49:50), ARI-NYG (54:15), SF-WAS (59:00), NO-CHI (1:04:30) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/17: Start or Sit (AFC); Most Traded List (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Let's start the show with a look at the Fantasy Football Most Traded list (2:15)! Odell Beckham is atop this list, and there are several other WRs with interesting trade value like Juju Smith-Schuster and Stefon Diggs. How do we feel about RBs who don't catch passes like Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram and Marlon Mack? And has Carson Wentz proven he is matchup-proof? ... Week 7 stats to know (9:30) including good ones for Travis Kelce, Tyler Boyd, Will Fuller and Josh Jacobs. Then we've got our Tullamore Dew Players of the Week (17:25) and a plethora of news & notes (21:30) as we update you on Todd Gurley and more, plus "Start, Sit or Flex at Best" for some of the games we're discussing later in the show (27:10) ... HOU-IND (29:15), BAL-SEA (37:15), JAC-CIN (46:00), NE-NYJ (52:10), LAC-TEN (56:50), OAK-GB (1:01:50), MIA-BUF (1:07:00) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/16: Re-Drafting the First Two Rounds! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Have you seen Patrick Mahomes' upcoming schedule? It could be kinda rough, but does that matter (2:48)? And it's Wednesday so of course we tell you who to Buy Low (7:14) and who to Sell High (17:30). We still have faith in Aaron Jones and Le'Veon Bell. What about Devonta Freeman? ... Big news (22:00) including Ryan Tannehill's opportunity and the Jalen Ramsey trade. Then we're re-drafting Rounds 1 and 2 (25:35)! Is Alvin Kamara still a Top 5 player? Is Chris Carson a first round pick? Why is Adam taking a QB in Round 2, and which one is he taking??? ... Previewing KC-DEN (44:00), reading your Apple Podcasts questions (54:50) and your Fill in the Blank (57:05) .. Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/15: Waiver Wire (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    它是豁免丝为乔希·艾伦,奥登泰特,猎人亨利和贾马尔 - 威廉姆斯一个相当不错的一周看起来像流行的补充。并且还有更多!我们告诉你一些好即将到来的时间表,谈faab(2分30),辩论凸轮牛顿的值(五点五十)与去年大新闻(8时55)开始演出......在每个位置上的首要任务: QB(13时40),RB(16:00),WR(23时50分),TE(28:50)和DST(30:50)。我们要回到加德纳minshew?被追埃德蒙兹和拉塔维斯·默里雕刻出更一致的角色?你应该添加NYJ WRS?怎么样菲利普·多塞特?和谁比亨利在TE等? ...重述DET-GB(32:30)和坑LAC(37:10)。什么kerryon约翰逊和梅尔文·戈登的价值观赛季的休息吗?我们也告诉你谁砸(45:10),然后拿在放弃线的每个位置(47:30)仔细看看......在给我们发电子邮件 fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 10/14: Injury Updates and Struggling Offenses (Fantasy Football Podcast)

  • 10/13: Week 6 Recap - Is Mahomes #1? Carson Top 8? (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    From Jameis Winston's interceptions to Jared Goff's issues to DeAndre Hopkins' lack of TDs, we've got it all covered beginning with a QB discussion as Lamar Jackson continues to take the NFL by storm. The we've got Winners (5:16) like Carlos Hyde and Devonta Freeman and Losers (14:00) like Damien Williams and Will Fuller ... News and notes (21:00) plus an early look at the Waive Wire, then we've got some Buy or Sell (26:20) for struggling WRs, Nick Chubb, Patrick Mahomes and more ... A look at the leaderboard at each position (37:10) and a recap of each game with some "Believe it or Not" (46:55). We discuss Le'Veon Bell, Chris Carson, Alshon Jeffery, Ronald Jones and so many more ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 10/12: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.)! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    看看一些新闻更新之后,亚当和Ben的回答通过苹果的播客(3:50)你的问题,开始表演。然后我们得到了一些幻想监管机构(15:00),贸易问题(20:30)的fantasyfootball@cbsi.com收件箱,并随后从Twitter的一些快速阵容的问题开始或坐(28:15)(40:40) 。
  • 10/11: Start or Sit (NFC); NYG-NE; Beat the Waiver Wire (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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  • 10/10: Start or Sit (AFC); Tough Schedules; Big News (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Odell Beckham, Kenny Golladay and the Eagles have some tough matchups coming up. Does it matter? Should you trade these guys? Then let's get to Week 6 as we have our Tullamore Dew Player of the Week from each of our analysts (7:23) ... Some stats to know for Week 6 (11:50) and a lot of big news (13:13) as Todd Gurley and David Johnson could sit this week. And we've got 60-second rankings disputes (17:00) for Philip Rivers, Phillip Lindsay, Courtland Sutton and more, plus our thoughts on the Chargers RBs (29:50) ... HOU-KC (31:22), NO-JAC (42:20), DAL-NYJ (46:40), SEA-CLE (50:10), CIN-BAL (56:50), TEN-DEN (1:04:10), WAS-MIA (1:08:00). Are we good with Will Fuller this week? What about Joe Mixon in a tough matchup? Can Gardner Minshew make it happen again?... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 10/09:5周后什么是合法的?也NYG-NE和监管机构! (梦幻足球播客)

    我们近三分之一的方式,通过本赛季,所以我们学到了什么?我们的确学到了很多关于WRS克里斯·戈德温,库珀·库普,D.J.沙尔克和特兰萨顿是在顶部12,他们可以呆在那里的惊喜之中?我们首先来看一下最近的历史告诉我们,秀...低买WRS(9分25),并在其他位置(23点30分)低买的家伙。有的卖高的家伙(24:15)为好。那么,我们有你的新闻和笔记(28:55),并通过五场比赛(32:35)的好和坏QB惊喜。是威尔逊,杰克逊,普雷斯科特和minshew合法?做梅菲尔德,高夫和罗杰斯有很大的产量在未来的? ...预览NYG-NE(44:24),如果任何豪门都值得入手疑惑。那么,我们更多地谈论沙尔克(50:00),把幻想监管回来(58:10)和fantasyfootball@cbsi.com回答一堆你的问题...您的电子邮件
  • 10/08: Waiver Wire; Bail on the Browns? (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    当然,我们会告诉你谁增加,本周回落,但首先让我们来谈谈那些棕色(2:00)!是贝克·梅菲尔德可放开?我们宁愿有奥德尔贝克汉姆或D.J.赛季沙尔克休息吗?发生了什么事!?在这里...有任何人值得本周(8:40)花费大吗?谁是我们在每个位置(11:15)的首要任务?你可以看加德纳minshew在QB,追逐埃德蒙兹有的手铐RB,肯定迈克尔·盖洛普如果他是有的,但也是在WR德德威斯布鲁克。在TES(23:30)也许是最有趣的小组本星期,我们已经有了DSTS以及新闻和笔记(30:00)和我们的想法在IND-KC(33:50)和CLE-SF (38:40)。是吉米·加波洛好?然后我们谈论球员fantasyfootball@cbsi.com下降(44:00),并给在每个位置(46​​:40)放弃线选项的详尽说明...给我们发电子邮件

  • 10/07: Injury Updates, Players to Trust and Buy or Sell (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    博士。赵克仁了最新的帕特里克·马霍姆斯,saquon巴克利,梅森鲁道夫和更多的停止由。然后我们带来的意愿布林森与另一个伟大的客人麦克tagliere fantasypros的!我们更应该关注的KC罪呢?什么是他们的RBS的交易吗?是梅尔文·戈登赛季的前12 RB休息吗?也可以我们相信詹姆斯·康纳,韦德和其他几个人?我们也有买或卖,你的封电子邮件 fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 10/06: Week 5 Recap - Bonanza! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Week-winning performances from Deshaun Watson, Aaron Jones, Christian McCaffrey and Will Fuller, but who else stood out on Sunday? We start the show with six big questions (1:15) as we rank some QBs, RBs and WRs rest of season including Dak Prescott, Devonta Freeman and D.J. Chark. Plus we touch on the Chargers RBs and players to drop ... News and notes (12:30) plus an early look at the Waiver Wire. Anyone worth adding? And we've got our Winners (17:00) like Kyler Murray and Losers (26:15) like David Montgomery and DeAndre Hopkins ... More news items (34:35), the Top 5 at each position (36:12) and a review of each game (42:35) with Heath's "Believe it or Not" ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 10/05: Mailbag! (Recorded Fri.) (Fantasy Football Podcast)

  • 10/04: Start or Sit (NFC); LAR-SEA; Beat the Waiver Wire (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Another huge game from Russell Wilson and another disappointment for Jared Goff, but are things looking up for the Rams offense or is Goff droppable? How do we feel about D.K Metcalf? Is Gerald Everett a thing? We've got a comprehensive game recap and a terrible tweet from Heath (15:00) ... Plenty of news and notes (17:40) including the latest on Stefon Diggs, Beat the Waiver Wire (25:00) and some Start/Sit (27:40) for games we're doing later in this episode ... GB-DAL (31:18), JAC-CAR (40:00), ARI-CIN (45:30), TB-NO (52:15), NE-WAS (57:10), MIN-NYG (1:00:30), PHI-NYJ (1:03:40) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 10/03: Start or Sit (AFC); Most Traded (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Which side wins: Saquon Barkley and Will Fuller or Joe Mixon and Stefon Diggs? Adam tries to convince everyone that he didn't get fleeced! Then we talk about the Most Traded players (8:40) and see if there are some players to target in trade ... Tullamore Dew Players of the Week (12:18)! David Montgomery should be great and there are a number of sneaky WRs who could be worth using. We've got 60-second rankings disputes (17:40) on Andy Dalton, Devonta Freeman and more plus your news and notes (25:30) ... ATL-HOU (29:30), DEN-LAC (37:05), IND-KC (45:30), BAL-PIT (57:00), CLE-SF (1:04:00), CHI-OAK (1:12:00), BUF-TEN (1:13:50) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 10/02: Trade Talk! Fantasy Feud! LAR-SEA and Worryometer (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Starting with some Buy Low guys (1:30). Should you be targeting only studs with buy low offers? How do we feel about Josh Gordon going forward? Is Odell Beckham still a Buy Low? Then we move on to Sell High (8:50) with some TEs to consider trading and more ... News and notes (16:00) as we touch on the Vikings passing game, then we've got some interesting stats (20:30) on Sony Michel's inability to break tackles and Joe Flacco's early success. And we preview LAR-SEA (31:30)! Todd Gurley or Chris Carson? Can you trust Jared Goff? ... Special guest Sia Nejad who made an awesome donation to St. Jude joins the show to play Fantasy Feud against Heath and Ben (39:00). And we've got Worryometer Wednesday (49:15) and we're answering a bunch of your iTunes/email questions ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 10/01: Waiver Wire and Who to Drop (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    我们很高兴能够在这个星期的豁免线几名球员!可乔丹霍华德和罗纳德·琼斯是可靠的或者是他们的对决一个显著的缺点?我们谈论faab(1:50),球员谁可以帮助长期(2:20),然后我们进入在每个位置(11:10),包括国内流离失所者的首要任务。我们喜欢猛虎这个星期。我们喜欢蒂文·科尔曼长期。罗比·安德森是一个坚实的藏匿新闻和笔记(30:00)和DAL-NO(34:10)和CIN-坑(39:00)的概括。我们如何关注是乔米克森和朱朱?我们还带你度过了一些艰难的决定下降(43:00)。是时候放弃对O.J.霍华德和约翰·罗斯? ... QBS(46:30)像安迪道尔顿和加德纳minshew。苏格兰皇家银行(50:00)像贾马尔 - 威廉姆斯和史密斯ITO。 WRS(53:15),其包括的geronimo Allison和迈克尔盖洛普。 TES(59:00),包括麦Graham和泰勒·弗特。我们已经有了DSTS和踢球,以及...给我们发电子邮件fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/30: Injury Updates, Buy/Sell and Fun Stats (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Dr. David Chao joins the show to tell us if we should expect Davante Adams this week, when Mitchell Trubisky might be ready to return, what the Colts might do with a key player as they have a bye week approaching and more! Then we bring on Will Brinson and Chris Towers (8:50) as Will tells us why he's buying Matthew Stafford and selling Jared Goff while Chris gives us important snap counts and more stats to know. We read your emails too at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

  • 09/29: Weekend Recap - MegaDuds!!! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    It was a weird Week 4 with Patrick Mahomes failing to throw a TD pass, Jared Goff throwing for more than 500 yards yet managing to struggle, and Leonard Fournette rushing for more than 200 yards. But what about those MegaDuds!!!? We review the biggest busts at each position (1:50) and discuss if we have longterm concerns about Hopkins, Beckham, Thielen, Montgomery and more ... Big news (14:30) with some QB injuries, an early look at the Waiver Wire (16:35) which should include Ronald Jones and our Fantasy winners (19:35) including Chris Godwin and Kenny Golladay and losers (30:45) like Mecole Hardman and Calvin Ridley ... Top 5 players at each position (35:40) leads us into a good Austin Hooper discussion, and then a recap of each game with a "Believe it or Not" twist (45:40) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/28: Mailbag and Regulatin' with Rich Hribar! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

  • 09/27: Start or Sit (NFC); PHI-GB; Week 4 Sleepers! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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  • 09/26: Gordon's Return and Start or Sit (AFC) (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    We begin our show with Melvin Gordon analysis and how every other Charger is impacted. Do we prefer Gordon or Saquon Barkley rest of season? You may have heard our reaction episode last night, but we've got fresh perspective from Dave and Heath this morning. Then we move on to Week 4 with players who could be surprisingly great this week (15:00) ... Sixty-second rankings disputes (21:00)! Chris Carson, MVS, Wayne Gallman and Adam Thielen. Then a big batch of news and notes (29:40) and "Start, Sit or Flex at Best" (33:00) for some players in the games we're covering at the end of the episode ... NE-BUF (35:00), CLE-BAL (42:10), CAR-HOU (49:00), CIN-PIT (56:30), OAK-IND (1:01:30), JAC-DEN (1:05:00), LAC-MIA (1:08:00) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • BONUS: Melvin Gordon is Back! Trade Ekeler Immediately? (Fantasy Football Podcast)

  • 09/25: Trade Talk, PHI-GB and Fantasy Jeopardy! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Need to buy low or sell high? We've got options at each position. First we have a potentially troubling Aaron Rodgers stat (1:50) and a FAAB breakdown for Wayne Gallman (6:15). Someone spent $84 on him! Then we've got two Buy Low guys at each position (10:00). Carson Wentz, Le'Veon Vell, Robert Woods and more ... News and notes (22:30)! Is it time to drop Cam Newton? And how about two Sell High candidates at each position (28:00)? See what you can get for Russell Wilson, Mark Ingram and Will Dissly ... We preview PHI-GB (39:00), read your iTunes questions (49:00) and play some Fantasy Jeopardy (55:00)! Who will be the king of Fantasy Football trivia today??? ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/24: Waiver Wire and Who to Drop (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    你应该花你的faab的30%,或使用你最豁免要求的韦恩·加尔曼和菲利普·多塞特?确实丹尼尔琼斯有长期的吸引力或者他只是每周4填空题?对于将同样的问题dissly。我们进入了前3名在每个位置(13:00)和多少faab你应该花(27:10)本周...大新闻项目之前谈了很多关于gallman(4:35)(30:00 )加的概括卡为(32:25)和LAR-CLE(36:50)。是塔里克·科恩和贝克·梅菲尔德投掷的?如何合法特里mclaurin?然后我们有特色的意志更饱满,拉塔维斯·默里和更多...弃权线QBS(44:00)keenum包括案例和凯尔 - 阿伦,苏格兰皇家银行(47:50)的dropometer(42:00),包括罗纳德·琼斯和雷克斯·伯克黑德,WRS(52:30),包括多塞特和mecole哈德曼,TES(57:25),包括dissly和Jason维滕。我们也有一些球队的名字周二,DSTS,踢球和境内流离失所者......在fantasyfootball@cbsi.com给我们发电子邮件
  • 09/23: Injury Updates, Fun Stats, Buy or Sell (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Dr. Brandon Bowers joins us to give his thoughts on Saquon Barkley's ankle, Julian Edelman's ribs, Cam Newton's foot and more. What are the timetables for these guys? Will Barkley be the same when he returns? Then we bring on Will Brinson and Chris Towers for some Buy or Sell with Keenan Allen, the Browns offense and more. And we've got snap counts and more stats that will help Fantasy owners as we look at who is trending in the right direction and who is trending down.
  • 09/22:周末回顾 - 巴克利反应和最好的周日(梦幻足球播客)

    Our instant reaction to Saquon Barkley's injury and Daniel Jones' big debut. Which other key injuries are we tracking (2:46)? What do we think about all of these replacement QBs (11:30)? And we take a sneak peak at the Waiver Wire (15:45) where Phillip Dorsett and Will Dissly are waiting ... Winners (19:30) like Joe Mixon and Mike Evans, losers (23:45) like Matt Breida and James Conner. Is Greg Olsen a sell high? Is Stefon Diggs a bust? Then we look at the Top 5 at each position (34:05) as we discuss Jameis Winston, Phillip Lindsay, Amari Cooper, Darren Waller and more ... Recapping each game (44:06) with a "Believe it or Not" take. Adam thinks the Bills are missing the playoffs! Heath thinks Josh Allen is better than Daniel Jones! Jamey thinks big things are about to come for the Packers offense ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/21: Mailbag (Recorded Fri. Before the AB News)


  • BONUS: Antonio Brown is Released (Fantasy Football Podcast)

  • 9月20日:启动或坐(NFC);安东尼奥棕色值;十江淮回顾(梦幻足球播客)

    Gardner Minshew! He's a thing! We have some fun Minshew team names and a recap of TEN-JAC (2:00). Our thoughts on Dede Westbrook and D.J. Chark, Derrick Henry vs. Leonard Fournette rest of season and more. Then we've got some fun stats to know (10:40), the big news (14:38) including what to do with the Colts RBs and our thoughts on Antonio Brown's trade value (18:15) ... Beat the Waiver Wire (20:30)! Guys to stash for rest of season hopes and guys to stash for Week 4 only ... DET-PHI (25:25), PIT-SF (36:50), NO-SEA (44:40), DEN-GB (49:30), OAK-MIN (55:00), MIA-DAL (58:12), CAR-ARI (1:00:00), TB-NYG (1:04:00). Tough calls on Nelson Agholor, Matt Breida, Matthew Stafford, Sterling Shepard and many more ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/19: Start or Sit (AFC); Buy/Sell/Hold (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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  • 09/18: Trade Talk! Plus TEN-JAC and Regulators (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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  • 09/17: Waiver Wire and Injury Reactions, and Daniel Jones! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    我们开始了我们本罗特利斯伯格的伤害(2:20)和易建联的伤病(6:20)的反应展示。我们如何重视钢人队和圣人呢?是阿尔文·卡马拉仍然是一个首轮选秀权?那么我们通过的大新闻,其余运行,给你我们的首要放弃优先丝不管位置(11:30)...顶3优先考虑在每个位置(18:30),让您在放弃线一睹为快。我们讨论乔希·艾伦,马修·斯塔福德,jaylen塞缪尔,酋长WRS,格雷格·奥尔森,DSTS多。那么我们回顾一下CLE-NYJ(36:15)。是贾维斯 - 兰德里可放开? le'veon或季节的丘博休息吗? ... dropometer(42:10),队名星期二(43:30),并看看弃权线选择在QB(44:00),RB(46:00),WR(51:10),TE(59 :00),DST和踢球。加IDP!然后我们花的最后反应5分钟速报约丹尼尔琼斯开始(1点02分30秒)......在给我们发电子邮件 fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/16: Injury Insight, Advanced Stats and More (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Dr. David Chao (@ProFootballDoc) joins us to talk about Ben Roethlisberger's future and Drew Brees' timeline. Can Brees be the same old Brees when he comes back? And Dr. Chao talks about injuries to the PHI WRs and some key RBs. Then Will Brinson hops on the show (12:00)! Adam and Will disagree on Juju Smith-Schuster's value. Would you rather have Juju or Gurley rest of season? Finally, we're joined by Chris Towers (22:40) with a look at snap counts, Dak Prescott's play action passing, Marquise Brown's routes and more.
  • 09/15: Weekend Roundup - Big Performances and Big Injuries (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    我们作出反应,易建联和本罗特利斯伯格受伤(1:50)。什么会扩展缺席意味着自己的队友?然后我们有两个大问题QB(7:30):你真的应该卖高拉马尔·杰克逊?而我们现在怎么办看重的是令人难以置信的帕特里克·马霍姆斯?再快速浏览一下弃权线后,周日的比赛(14:00)。其中KC WR是我们优先考虑?获奖者...(17:24)像卡洛斯·海德,马克·安德鲁斯,约什 - 阿伦和马特·布雷达。赢家的多大托德·格利(27:05)?和失败者(29:10)如贾里德·戈夫和德德威斯布鲁克。我们也有waiverometer(37:50),在worryometer(38:30),并在比赛重述的每个位置(42:42)......一个“信不信由你”版的前5名(49:15) !我们回顾每场比赛和健康为我们提供了一个“信不信由你”,然后亚当斯给出了自己,并得到下健康的皮肤! ...给我们发电子邮件fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/14: Mailbag! (Recorded Fri.) (Fantasy Football Podcast)

  • 09/13: Start or Sit (NFC); Drop Cam or Howard? (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Recapping TB-CAR. How concerned are we about Cam Newton and O.J. Howard? Are Greg Olsen and Peyton Barber going to be reliable? Buy low on Mike Evans! Then we've got interesting stats about the NFC home games (12:45), a fun tweet from a competing Fantasy Football analyst (15:00), and your news and notes (17:15) ... How do we feel about DeAndre Hopkins in DFS (21:30)? And let's play Beat the Waiver Wire (24:40) and get the Startometer out (27:50) for key players in these games: BUF-NYG, DAL-WAS, CLE-NYJ ... LAC-DET (33:00), MIN-GB (42:40), NO-LAR (48:50), PHI-ATL (54:40), DAL-WAS (1:01:00), BUF-NYG (1:05:00), CLE-NYJ (1:07:35) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/12: Start or Sit (AFC) and More Trade Talk! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Beginning the show with some players we're feeling good about this week. Is Devin Singletary's breakout coming? Then let's talk trade before we really get into the matchups. Is Lamar Jackson this year's Patrick Mahomes (3:50)? Who do we want to buy low (5:45) and sell high (8:15)? Dave and Jamey give us some names we heard yesterday and some we didn't ... Quick rankings disputes (13:35)! Cam Newton, Mark Ingram, Allen Robinson and the NE WRs. Then we've got the big news on Hunter Henry (22:40) and more from around the NFL. Plus the Startometer (26:40) on guys like Larry Fitzgerald, James White, David Montgomery and Kenyan Drake ... IND-TEN (31:15), SF-CIN (38:00), KC-OAK (46:40), JAC-HOU (51:20), NE-MIA (54:40), PIT-SEA (59:40), ARI-BAL (1:03:20), CHI-DEN (1:06:15) ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/11: Trade Talk! Plus Regulators, TB-CAR and Fun Stats (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    首先是一些大辩论中显示:你可以将德德威斯布鲁克?你应该花名册2名QBS?我们应该关注O.J.霍华德?那么我们解决泰里克·希尔的时间表(7:15),并意味着什么mecole哈德曼进入我们最喜欢买低(10:50)和1周后高价卖出(14:50)人很多RBS的要么收购之前或者交易出去,现在新闻和笔记(20:55)为我们解决了安东尼奥·布朗的情况等等。我们也期待在最后添加的列表(24:00),并给我们的约翰·罗斯,乔瓦尼伯纳德和其他几个人的想法。我们预览TB-车(30:30)。我们可以相信詹姆斯·温斯顿? ......我们的听众告诉我们,他们认为将是2019年(40:00)最大的萧条谁。 kerryon约翰逊?施特方·迪格斯?我们也有幻想监管第一部分(46:40),更多的低买/卖高(49:50),等级贸易(55:50)和幻想监管机构两部分(58:00)...您的电子邮件在fantasyfootball @ cbsi.com
  • 09/10: Waiver Wire! Who to Add and Drop (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    It looks like a great week for the Waiver Wire. If you're lucky enough to have Tyrell Williams or T.J. Hockenson available in your league, go get them! But who else are our top priorities this week (4:35)? Which rookie WR should you target? How should you approach Giovani Bernard? Who are the players you need to get in shallower leagues (12:40)? We also get into general Waiver Wire and FAAB philosophies (18:00) ... News and notes (24:00) with a Todd Gurley thought, and a recap of PIT-NE (30:00), DEN-OAK (31:15) and HOU-NO (35:00). Then we talk about how much FAAB to spend on the key players (36:50) and we've got the Dropometer (40:00) to try to help you figure out who to cut loose ... Waiver Wire QBs (42:15) including Josh Allen and Matthew Stafford, RBs (46:00) including Bernard, Ronald Jones and Chris Thompson, WRs (53:00) including Marquise Brown, John Brown and John Ross, TEs (59:30) including Darren Waller and Jimmy Graham, plus DSTs and Kickers ... Your emails at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • 09/09: Week 1 Takeaways, Injury Analysis and Key Stats (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    Our trio of guests provide three different Fantasy perspectives. First, Will Brinson talks about Dak Prescott's potential in this new offense, the biggest Week 1 disappointment, what happened to Jameis Winston and Cam Newton and more from Sunday. Then we're joined by Dr. David Chao (13:45). He's the former team doctor for the Chargers and he'll tell us about the injuries to Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, Tevin Coleman and several others. Then Chris Towers hops on (26:51) with some snap counts, routes run and other fun stats that will help put Week 1 in perspective. What did we learn about the BUF and KC backfields? What about Corey Davis and Josh Allen? 
  • 09/09: Week 1 Recap - Awesome Rookies; Gurley Concerns? (Fantasy Football Podcast)

    How good are Marquise Brown and the Ravens (2:10)? Who are we concerned about after Week 1 (5:10)? Todd Gurley??? How good is DeSean Jackson (7:50)? Who opened our eyes today (8:58)? And which big performance are we not buying (10:40)? Plus big injury news to discuss (14:00) ... Winners (23:00) like Marlon Mack, T.J. Hockenson and LeSean McCoy. Losers (32:00) such as Tyler Lockett, Baker Mayfield and Kerryon Johnson. Is the Browns offense overrated? Is Jameis Winston bad? ... Top 5 performers at each position (42:00) and then a recap of each game with Fantasy analysis (48:30). We talk about Dak Prescott's big game, Ronald Jones' role, Jared Goff's struggles, Delanie Walker's touchdowns and much, much more ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com
  • BONUS: Antonio Brown to the Patriots! (Fantasy Football Podcast)