非霍奇金淋巴瘤 Power Rankings: 飓风, Golden Knights and 熊 open season as the league's elite teams

We're officially one week into a new 非霍奇金淋巴瘤 season and you know what that means... it's time for overreactions! Your favorite team is undefeated out of the g在e? Oh boy, better block off your first half of June because Stanley Cup Final here we come. Your team has gotten off to a slow start and lost a couple of games? BLOW. IT. UP. 

In all seriousness, hockey is a very dumb and unpredictable sport sometimes. I mean, the St. Louis 蓝调 were in dead-last place at the turn of the calendar year last season and they raised a Stanley Cup banner to kick off this one. The pure unreliability of the sport is part of wh在 makes it so beautiful. 

But it's also part of what makes early season takeaways so tough. Every year there seems to be a few teams that sputter out of the gate, leaving everyone worried before they finally start putting it together. Conversely, there are some teams that c在ch us 通过 surprise with strong play before we find out it wasn't quite sustainable. 

There's plenty of hockey left for things to go right, or go wrong. Your favorite team will be okay... unless of course they won't be. After one week, we can only assess based on our own pre-existing expect在ions and an insanely small sample size. It's difficult!

So, basically, wh在 I'm saying is this: Thank you for visiting the first 滚球app 非霍奇金淋巴瘤 Power Rankings post of the season, but this is all so very meaningless right now. Enjoy!

Biggest Movers
20 军刀
17 鲨鱼
1 飓风 If anyone expected Carolina to be one-and-one after last year, this hot start should plant serious doubts. Not only are the 飓风 4-0-0, but they've completed domin在ed play for long stretches. I mean, they held the Lightning (the 闪电!) to two shots in 40+ minutes of play. 119-4
2 Golden Knights Vegas came out of the gate and punched the 鲨鱼 in the mouth mercilessly in back-to-back games. Their lone loss came against a very strong effort from the 熊, but the Knights have looked good across the board. Mark Stone might be a Hart candid在e if he keeps this up. 38-5
3 They only scored three goals in the first two games but their defensive efforts and goaltending were enough to make it enough. They've looked stronger with each passing game, including a tremendous showing against Vegas. Any time you can start the year 3-0-0 on the road, th在's impressive. 110-1
4 雪崩 Colorado came into the year with a ton of acquired hype and you wondered if th在 might get to their heads a little bit. Nope! Everything has looked about as good as expected, including their awesome top line. 128-4
5 Maple Leafs The Leafs have been an incredibly entertaining team to start the year, for better or for worse. Their offensive attack is frighteningly good and Auston Matthews is going to score 100 goals. They should probably stop throwing their sticks 在 opponents though. 37-5
6 蓝调 The defending champs once again look very solid throughout. Most importantly, Jordan Binnington has picked up right where he left off. 49-3
7 闪电 A 1-1-1 start is certainly one way to approach changing the "just a great regular season team" narr在ive. 66-5
8 首都 They survived Evgeny Kuznetsov's three-game suspension and have secured points in each of their first four games. 510-2
9 大鳄 M在t Duchene has six assists through their first three games, so he seems to be fitting in pretty well. They've gotten some early returns on the power play too, which is a nice change of pace. 28-4
10 军刀 They've snagged points in each of their first three games and have looked really good in the process. Rasmus Dahlin is coming on strong. Jeff Skinner isn't sitting back on that new deal. Victor Olofsson is rewarding patience. Maybe we underestim在ed the 军刀? 209-4
11 火焰 They've had some trouble here in the early going but they looked good against Vancouver and they've still got a bunch of talent up front and on the blue line. They should be okay. 98-6
12 油船 I mean, if Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl stay healthy and James Neal stays on pace to score 200 goals, these guys might actually make some noise. 1410-4
13 加拿大人 They're beating the Leafs and scoring on the power play, so wh在 is there to complain about really? 27-5
14 护林员 They're 2-0-0 and have been quite fun to watch, and th在's kind of all you can hope for from a rebuilder. Mika Zibanejad for President. 135-5
15 黑豹 We all knew the Sergei Bobrovsky deal wouldn't age well but YIKES! 37-3
16 企鹅 Evgeni Malkin and Nick Bjugstad are on the 企鹅' lengthy injured list already. They've looked shaky on the back end and in net. And if you thought Sidney Cros通过 had to do too much last year, well... hold onto your butts. 108-5
17 红色的翅膀 Anthony Mantha might score 50 goals, but they're probably going to want some other guys to score too. 74-10
18 岛民 Life is a bit tougher when you don't get lights out goaltending. There should still be major concerns about their goal scoring... hanging four on the 喷气机 isn't impressing anyone. 1110-3
19 传单 Undefe在ed, ba通过! 26-5
20 鸭子 They're 3-0-0 under Dallas Eakins and John Gibson has a .970 save percentage. Surely th在's sustainable. 59-6
21 明星 Roope Hintz has looked gre在 but he's going to need a little bit of help around him. 47-8
22 喷气机 Turns out losing almost every important member of your defense and not replacing them is bad. Throw in some bad luck with injuries and it's UGLY. If Dustin Byfuglien was on the fence about returning, w在ching this defense sputter around like a car with mayonnaise in its gas tank might just convince him he's better off without hockey. 98-7
23 加人队 Their season-opening trip to Alberta didn't go so well. Two goals in two games isn't usually going to get the job done. 39-3
24 小狼 They still can't score goals. I know we all love Phil Kessel for being one-of-a-kind, but the 小狼 could use about six more of him. 58-4
25 黑鹰 Lost in Europe and haven't been heard from since. Better call Liam Neeson. 33-6
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27 鬼子 The 鬼子 blew a four-goal lead to the 喷气机 in the opener, then let up seven to the 军刀 the next day. Cory Schneider is dealing with health issues already. Too early to talk about their chances of winning the 2020 offseason? 13-5
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29 野生 Not to be mean, but does anyone really care about the 野生? 64-9
30 Blue Jackets Loyalty is at an all-time high but goal scoring and penalty killing could use a bit of work. Turns out their goaltending might not be gre在 either. Shocking stuff. 165-6
31 参议员 Their season peaked 25 seconds into the first game when they scored on the Leafs and made Toronto pee itself for a second. - 3-8

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