Watch Now: Browns Hype Train Comes To Screeching Halt (10:41)

Fans in Cleveland have been known to throw batteries, and now, it appears they're pouring beer on opposing players. After sitting through one of the ugliest performances of Week 1 on Sunday, one Browns fan reacted by taking his anger out on the Tennessee Titans

During the second half of the Titans' 43-13 blowout win over the Browns, a fan in Cleveland decided it would be a good idea to douse several Titans' players with some beer. The dousing happened in the fourth quarter after Malcolm Butler returned a Baker Mayfield interception 38 yards for a touchdown. 

At the end of the run, Butler jumped into the stands, and that's when the fan started spraying beer all over a group of Titans defensive players that included Butler and Logan Ryan. Unfortunately for the fan, the CBS cameras at the game caught him in the act, as you can see below. 

Ironically, the fan was wearing a Mayfield jersey. 

The player who took the brunt of the beer to the face was Ryan, and he wasn't happy with the fan's actions. 

During an interview this week, Ryan made still seemed kind of shocked that a fan actually poured beer on him. 

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It took the Browns less than 48 hours to hunt down the culprit and it appears the beer-thrower is going to be banned from FirstEnergy Stadium. 

"We believe we have identified the person involved," the Browns said in a statement. "He will ultimately face an indefinite ban from FirstEnergy Stadium for the unacceptable behavior."

If you throw beer at an NFL player, there's a good chance you're going to get banned from attending NFL games. After a similar situation last year that involved a Patriots fan throwing a beer at Tyreek Hill, New England responded by banning the fan from Gillette Stadium for the rest of time. 

Although the fan was using Bud Light to spray the Titans players, Bud Light would like you to know that they don't condone his actions. 

Clearly, the moral of the story here is "don't throw beer on opposing players even if you're unhappy about the fact that your hyped up team is losing by 30 points in the opening game of a year where you thought they were going to end their 17-year playoff drought."

It's a long, but useful moral.