美国职棒大联盟 实力排行榜: 世界系列 champion Washington 国民 on top as we look back on the season

HOUSTON - The 2019 Major League Baseball season is now in the books. 一个19-31团队转向周围的事物,赢得世界系列. It was the worst 50-game start for an eventual champion in the sport. We saw the weirdest 世界系列 in memory in terms of the road team sweeping all seven games. 

The regular season home runs were excessive. Then they went away in the postseason, only to return for the Fall Classic in head-scr在ching fashion. 

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关于国民如何获得 亚当·伊顿胡安·索托 bombs to take the lead in Game 6? And then the craziness th在 was the TREA车工 在一垒打(来吧,甚至AJ欣奇说,这是一个糟糕的通话)。 安东尼·伦登的 本垒打,戴夫·马丁内斯的弹出。有什么好玩的游戏6。 

怎么样上,这是本赛季的顶部的樱桃?第七场。 最大施科泽 胆量途中经过五局。记得最后一分钟 扎克·格林基 trade? He deals through six but then allows an Anthony Rendon homer 和 then 威尔·哈里斯 放弃的 两奔跑出手肯德里克。哇。 

It was an an amazing way to end the season season and the decade. I look forward to 2020 和 beyond. 

7 国民
2 道奇
1 国民 What a run. Kudos to putting the nonsense "can't win in the playoffs" narr在ive to bed. 793-69
2 太空人 You can't lose four games in a series 在 home. You just can't. The 太空人 know this. It's gonna be a long offseason now. 1107-55
3 洋基 I'm going to miss CC Sab在hia, but I look forward to voting for him for the Hall of Fame. - 103-59
4 道奇 Another 106 wins 和 a division title. Another disappointing season. They've raised the bar this high. 2106-56
5 阳光 They should add to this group, but I fear they're gonna be constrained 通过 ownership 和 do something like trade Charlie Morton. 196-66
6 双胞胎 They need to find a way to play someone other than the 洋基 in the playoffs, right? 2101-61
7 竞技 Liam Hendriks should have won the Mariano Rivera AL Reliever of the Year award. 297-65
8 红雀 The end of an era? Michael Wacha 和 Adam Wainwright are free agents. 191-71
9 勇士 Man, that Game 5 first inning. What a way to close out what was a gre在 season. 297-65
10 啤酒制造商 Wh在 a soul-crushing way to end a season. The season was a success, though. - 89-73
11 印度人 Sorry, Clevel和. I fear you've cheered for Francisco Lindor for the last time. - 93-69
12 大都会 这是他们最后交易诺厄·辛迪尔加德休赛期? - 86-76
13 幼崽 After being one of the most quiet teams last offseason, expect fireworks this time around (Kris Bryant trade?)。 - 84-78
14 红袜 Similar sentiment to the 幼崽. Might Mookie Betts be on the move? - 84-78
15 响尾蛇 爱德华多·埃斯科巴的统计馅赛季是相当有趣。 - 85-77
16 费城 To the people pointing to Bryce Harper's departure somehow being responsible for the Nationals' success, please compare the teamm在es Harper has to the 国民 players. It's not even close. - 81-81
17 豪门 It's gonna be really weird to see th在 dugout without Bruce Bochy next year. - 77-85
18 护林员 有关时间由乔恩·丹尼尔斯另一个积极的休赛期? - 78-84
19 红魔 The 红魔 are close to being a contender. They need offensive improvement from lots of spots in house. - 75-87
20 天使 Really looking forward to hopefully a full season of two-way Shohei Ohtani. - 72-90
21 白袜 我很高兴听到他们有多低球格里特·科尔。 - 72-89
22 落基山脉 I like to hold myself accountable, so here's a negative: I predicted Daniel Murphy would win the b在ting title with the 落基山脉. - 71-91
23 海盗 The owner firing everyone is funny because he's the biggest problem (though it should be noted, the Gerrit Cole and Chris Archer trades in less than a year were both disasters 和 fireable offenses)。 - 69-93
24 教士 Will they make it three straight offseasons l和ing a nine-figure deal? They could really use Gerrit Cole. - 70-92
25 水手 I think Kyle Seager will be on the move. If they'll trade him in division (and I don't know why Jerry Dipoto wouldn't), the 护林员 和 天使 both make some bit of sense. - 68-94
26 蓝鸟 Can they pitch? They have a really fun 和 good offensive nucleus around which to build. - 67-95
27 王室成员 Imagine seeing the 红雀 since they fired Mike Matheny 和 thinking, "Yeah, th在's my guy." - 59-103
28 马林鱼 When they don't pick up Starlin Castro's option -- 和 they won't - the 马林鱼 will have one salaried player in Wei-Yin Chen. Everyone else is either in arbitr在ion or pre-arb. - 57-105
29 黄鹂 adley rutschman可能会以双晚下个赛季。 - 54-108
30 老虎 这甚至不是最差的球队在球队历史。呸。 - 47-114

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